June 25, 2006

Exc-el moving forward 1: Elevator Message

Bronagh Bell, Head of LTS Marketing and Public Affairs Department, introduced me to this phrase. What is your elevator message when people ask what you do? For many of us we give a job title and assume people understand the same thing as we do. Everyone knows what a teacher does, right? But is a parent’s understanding the same as the teachers’, and is that the same as the kids’? What about Exc-el? How would you describe Exc-el between two floors? At the meeting we were keen to show that it is more than blogs, more than a website.

Apparently the ‘about’ page of the service is heavily clicked upon, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Where do people click afterwards? If it’s away from the browser then it means that they’ve not understood what the service is about. If they are having to click ‘About’ at all, is that a good thing in the first place? At the MFLE, for example, we got rid of the About page because no-one used it: the aim of the service was clear.

The aim of Exc-el was not clear even to those present at the meeting and so Don made a first effort at simplifying the aims. Is this simplified enough? Could it be made briefer and still retain its ambitious aims? Could it made into an Elevator Message? Is there still a need for the 'About' page or do we have too much information on the whys and hows of the service?

One thing that was clear, was that there was a need for people to see that power was being passed to the students, administrators and teachers of East Lothian. All these people can be just one click away from influencing the path East Lothian Council’s education service.


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