June 09, 2006

Just another great Scot edublogs

The pupils at St John's Primary (Edinburgh?) have produced a super collection of first podcasts which they published through their blog at edublogs.org. Mr Sinclair, their teacher, can confirm this, but it looks like they have used some Edinburgh City hosting for the larger podcast files and then taken the advice on using PodPress or something similar to get the podcast to appear as a file.

I'm sure Mr Sinclair will explain over at the MFLE forums. The MFLE is, I think, where he learned how to do all this. Bravo!

BTW: I've added this to an ever-growing ScotEduBlogs wiki page for Edinburgh.


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I wish I could claim to have done something really fancy here, but I didn't. I made the blog easily enough, after the learning at the MFLE event, and read enough about podcasts until I was thoroughly confused and then decided on a much less technical route: html link to mp3 file on a different site. Tried geocities first but they only have a 4mb per day limit, then went to the IT person at school and they found that there wasn't a limit to storage nor downloads and there you go. The image was easy enough to link via html as well. Next task I suppose is to learn rss then I can get on the whole itunes site. I converted the .wav files to .mp3 via itunes. I might go so far as to edit with audacity, but I'm rather fond of the rawness of them.

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