June 29, 2006

So engaged you just can't stop them learning

 This isn't a post about Marc Prensky talks. This is yet another example of social software, this time blogs and not podcasts, making students want to continue their school life over the summer holidays. Marlyn reports on the class of Talking Teddy students who have drawn up a blogging rota to make sure that the teddies' story continues for their worldwide audience.

In the same blog, an interesting approach to internet safety - Primary/Grade 3 students teaching Primary/Grade 6 students about how to cope when social software's demons come out to play. Really interesting and positive moves to make this part of education.


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This blog is one of my favourite demonstrations of all that is good about school blogs - if I don't show it I usually talk about it. :-) It consistently does really interesting stuff with blogs and now drawing up a rota to do school work during the holidays! Brilliant! A classroom without walls.

Thanks guys for seeing the positive in this. It worked so well in the Easter hols, but am not so sure about the summer because they are moving on to a new class and teacher and might not feel so involved. The children did the rota themselves I have to say, so if there are responses at all....time will tell. As to the P3's talking to the P6..I think they shamed them. There were 2 apologies from P6's on a bebo account they thought was mine!

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