July 01, 2006

7 Things To Do With Your Blog When You Go On Holiday

Via Steve comes this nice little piece on things to do with your blog for the next seven weeks. As the wedding approaches (we're down to days left now, not weeks) I am happy to let you know that I will not be leaving time-delayed posts or be blogging 'from the road'. I might Flickr some photos, though, in case one of the Naples gangs takes a shining to my Canon EOS 350D.

BTW: Thanks to some lovely people out there who have bought us nice stuff of our list. It was a real surprise - honestly - and we'll be sending you some proper thankyous from La Bella Italia. Just make sure that we've got your snail mail address by sending me an email.


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have fun in Naples fella - just got back from there myself this week :-)

Have a fabby wedding. Relax and enjoy the day!

Have a great day and summer! See you soon Ollie and Caroline

Just back from holiday and back at work. Hope all has gone well!

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