August 15, 2006

Blogs go mainstream - with Richard and Judy

Richardandjudy Thanks to Lynne I am sitting on the sofa blogging Richard and Judy who are, funnily enough, talking about blogging. On Richard and Judy's couch tonight:

  • Dave Gorman, the blog-fan comedian;
  • La Petite Anglaise, the young mum who got sacked from a Parisian law firm for blogging on company time (and talking about her boss) and who now appears no. 1 in Google for "bad mummy";
  • and my brother's boss, Emily Bell, are getting all passionate about it.

Emily, Editor In Chief of GuardianUnlimited has, I think,  made a particular effort this evening for Richard - well, compared to Dave Gorman who's come along in tatty t-shirt and jeans.
They talk happily about the Chief Constable of North Wales who enjoys catching speeding criminals on his days off - and who then blogs about it. He also really has a bee in his bonnet about litterbugs, which he moblogs.

Finally, Emily has challenged Richard and Judy to set up a blog by next week. Richard seems tempted in a bid to put apparently gauche Googled gossip a straight. Should be fun.


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Just liked this quote from Seth Godin and thought I'd share it.

"I think that blogging requires you to have a healthy respect for your opinions, as well as the generous desire to share them with others. That's not a negative social trait; if you don't respect your opinions, who will? And if you don't share the ideas you value, you're being selfish, aren't you?"

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