August 14, 2006 coming with more features soon

James gives us some update on the service one year on, including news of forthcoming Flickr and YouTube integration, as well as other widget goodness. He also points out that he's bought a new more reliable server to cope with the increasing demand.

This makes things even more tantalising for a Local Authority such as East Lothian - all the goodness without the hassle of hosting it ourselves. However, there might still be some arguments for self-hosting a WPMU service in the Authority, namely we can include pre-built-in blogrolls, RSS feeds of interest and use to our students and teachers, intra-community links. Flickr integration is also handy because currently inserting Javascript into Wordpress templates is a nightmare; can we replicate this in East Lothian?


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hi Ewan,
Yes you can.

Use plugins or widgets for your blogs and it should be easy.
I've been messing with wordpress a little here (wordpress mu on, here (wp) and here (wp) and adding rss flicker etc is a snip. I'd love to get my hands on a wordpress mu setup to play with (well break, fix and repeat).

Ewan, in Shropshire we are using a wordpressmu install for our ethink blogs. Have a chat to Dale to find out how to replicate this.

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