August 15, 2006

MyBlogLog - who are you?

Spurred on by Loic's post last night I have started my own community over at MyBlogLog. I hope that some of my readers will have the time to add themselves so I can get to know them better (it helps enlargen the scope of blogs I have to read, too, if I know who reads me). The Clustrmap is certainly nice with all those red blops, but I really do want to know who all those Indian, Chinese, African and South American readers are, as well as the lonely soul in Greenland. So go on - sign up, bang up a nice pic and link to your own blog. Heck, you might even get a hit or two more.


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Ewan, another interesting website to waste some more of my time :(

Hi Ewan, You'll get even better results if you add one of our Reader Rolls just like Loic did:

Let me know if I can of assistance with it or anything else.

Hi Ewan and Scott,

I signed up for MyBlogLog today at and I can see it being a useful resource. I'm having difficulties though because I can't work out how to install a Recent Readers widget. I copied the code from the page, but that gives the widget called 'Top 5 links' not Recent Readers'. Any ideas?


Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom

Joe and I are sorting this out via email. We'll get him up and running (and iron out any bugs in our system in the process).

Thanks to Eric's help, we worked out that the problem was that I was trying to generate the html code for the reader widget without actually being logged in to MyBlogLog! Easily done! Nevermind.


Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom -

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