August 17, 2006

Students could create the town map

Jeff Jarvis unintentionally suggests a great geography-citizenship project for students as we head back into a sunny school term here in Scotland, picking up on the fact that Chorley doesn't have a town map. Now I had a friend from uni - a fellow big band drummer in EUJO - who came from Chorley, so I know it exists and is generally populated by friendly northerners who would love nothing better than to show off their home. Here are some of Jarvis' highlight tasks:

  • Google Maps to find the town
  • Platial to let people fill in street names, addresses, and names
  • Restaurant reviews and dangerous dogs plotted via Google Maps
  • Soon businesses will be able to offer printable coupons via Google Maps
  • Locals can report potholes, arrests and home prices
  • Up My Street information can be linked in to help find the super school doing all this in their 21st Century classrooms.
  • Students can create podcast tours about their home town (in foreign languages, of course)

Some of my added suggestions:

Jeff would love to hear more of your ideas.

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i went ahead and created an open map that anyone can add chorley places to,

Great post, Ewan. One of our class projects for next term (creating a podcast tour) will benefit greatly from some of these tools.

Let us know when they're live. It would be fun for students to compare each other's productions. I defintely see some students in East Lothian doing this kind of venture this year.

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