September 22, 2006

A new use for Glow pens

Jonesie has already found great pleasure out of his Glow mug (which actually glows when hot water is poured in) but on Wednesday evening some of us were determined to see what else could be done with Glow freebies. I think we've found a new marketing opportunity to get the Young People thinking about their new national intranet - just take a few hundred Glow pens to the nightclub nearest your school:


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Was this the after-SETT party? See thae teachers......

No, just a few co-workers out to have some fun...

Excellent use of technology - light sabers for all!

Excellent - the Glow related goodness just keeps on coming :)

Just tried to watch this on this early Glow mentor laptop, but it's not having it. No errors or anything, just a chance to "watch again". I thought I'd blacked out.
Got a much better result on the home PC: it's like a little cutting off a light sabre. I wonder, if you plant it...

So, what, everyone there had glow pens, or just a couple people?

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