September 28, 2006

Carbonmade online portfolios

Back in August I blogged about my hopes for the uses of some new technology across schools in East Lothian, including a tool I was beta-ing: Carbonmade. Today, via Ollie's blog, I discover that, perhaps through the serendipitous nature of reading things somewhere and then acting on it later, the Craft and Design department have decided to get all their 14 year olds carbonmaking their online portfolios. Now, if only other schools and departments could read a blog post and get into action like that ;-)


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I’m really excited about the project and think it could be great for the students and also for the school. Hopefully you could pop in and see how they are getting on sometime before Christmas to carry out a wee evaluation?

I'd love to come in and see how it's going on and see what it adds. I'd love to see if Art departments would be interested, too. Perhaps the CDT teachers and students would be able to demo the benefits to them?

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