September 26, 2006

Creative Commons from Highland Council

Jim has finished putting together some multimedia Biology resources for Highland students but has released the content freely to education under creative commons. This means also that Glow will be able to benefit from some nationally available content (this is a big deal since many LAs in the past have been 'precious' about the distribution of their resources i.e. they want money for it).

It got me thinking, though, that it really seems we're overdue in LT Scotland to start releasing some of our work under Creative Commons, too, perhaps as attributed work but for non-commercial use. I have to make a disclosure: LTS are my employers but I don't know if this has been considered yet beyond coffee room suggestions. However, it would be such a strong statement on the values of openness, sharing and collaboration in education if this public body were to lead the way in going commons.

After that, all we need is for more of the Crown Copyright to be freed up for the use of the people paying for it. Like OS Maps, streetmaps... For more on the trials and tribulations of getting public information freed see the Guardian's campaign or listen to this podcast on OpenStreetMap.


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