September 30, 2006

Edublogger's Flickr map

Map I needed to procrastinate for an hour and so I put 1272 1368 photos onto my Flickr map. As you do.

There are seven pages to flick through which might seem tedious, but I really love the fickle nature of just going to a place you want to remember or where you met some nice people. Who knows, maybe you're one of those people yourself!

Seriously, though, as much in a bid to make me feel my hour was worthwhile, I saw great links with showing kids where things are in the world, especially since so few of them have a concept of worldwide geography and space. For this, though, I still think I would create a Community Walk so that I could add video, photo, text and comments. Nah, I'm not going to feel any better about that hour on Flickr...


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It's Saturday. You're allowed to do what you like on a Saturday. If it happens to be fiddling with Flickr, that's ok. After all, it's only a week since you had me cropping photos for Moo - and today my wee cards came and they're lovely!

I personally think it's a disgrace Ewan. You should have been cutting the grass, mending a dripping tap or watching football. Those are the only three acceptable ways to spend a Saturday afternoon ;)

hello- seems a reader of yours popped over my direction... and it made me want to swing by and say howdy. i'll have to give your blog a good wee read today...

Ewan, rather than making a community walk for your students, why not have them make their own community walk. I'm thinking that they might create a community walk for a community that they research or maybe even make up their own community with a community walk?

Andrew Pass

When I say 'I' it's the 'royal educational I'. If you ever see me teach you realise the kids are doing *all* the work ;-)

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