September 12, 2006

Global Neighbourhoods in Scotland

Shel Israel, co-author with Robert Scoble of the hugely successful Naked Conversations, and Rick Segal are starting off their world tour in preparation for their next tome: Global Neighbourhoods. After mentioning some of the amazing connective work taking place in Scottish education they guys are keen to see for themselves what is going on and will be visiting Scotland on October 15 & 16. Since they are already in Ireland it's an easy hop over to Edinburgh but they have accidentally hit right at the beginning of the school holiday week.

Basically, while they would no doubt be fascinated by what educators and civil servants have to say on the matter of blogging for education and educational 'business', they understandibly would have loved to meet some students. If there is any way that you can convince even just one or two of the students you teach here in Scotland (we can make it to anywhere within an hour of Edinburgh) to come and have a chat we'll pay the coke and ice-cream. By students I mean anyone from nursery-primary to PGDE student.

If you're interested in meeting the guys yourself and, even better, with a student or two, then please do get in touch. I want Shel and Rick to have a great and worthwhile time as they investigate social software in Scotland, and the stories are definitely worth sharing. Here's hoping... Get in touch via email or with a comment here.


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Hi Ewan,
I don't know about kids yet (I'll try to work something out), but I'd love to have a yak.

If you want to bring them out to East Lothian we'd be pleased to make them very welcome.

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