September 12, 2006

Looking for some Flickrteering

If you have a few minutes spare (yeah, right!) and would like to help out an edublogger, I'd really appreciate some help to build up an example of Flickr notes on a piece of Scottish art. The picture I am concentrating on is this crazy piece by John Duncan, but you can go and add notes on others if you like. The weblink to the Learning and Teaching Scotland page with information on the painting is provided to help you out. Who knows, you might even learn something new and have a pleasant cultural break from work. Thanks!

Update: Is anyone else having trouble adding notes? If so, could you leave a message and maybe some help? I think I've had this problem before but can't remember how to get out of it.


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I was not able to add a note to the picture. The note option was not available to me?

Hi Ewan,
I cannot add a note on the painting (probably best) but I can on other places, say on one of your photos, but you have me as a contact, does that make a difference?

Hi Ewan,
That was it, now I an a contact I see the add note bit.

I see you didn't add me as a contact. :-( I may sulk about that ....

Thank you! :-)

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