September 26, 2006

Make motivational Flickr posters for around your school

Motivator7258865 Matthew Reames tipped me off about this great site which allows you to manipulate Flickr photos in yet more ways. I love the Motivational poster programme, which allows you to make striking posters from images you may already have sitting in your computer. This is my example - anyone want to try making some themselves?


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I have made a set of 20 of these using pictures of our kids at school doing various things (football match, maths morning, balloon fiesta, etc.) along with some quotes. Here's one: Success.

(Since there are pictures of kids from school, I'm not posting them online, but the one above should be okay, since it's a distance shot.)

If you go to my website and search for flickr toys (exact phrase, in the Ed Tech News etc section, you'll find a series of articles I wrote in which I explored all of the Flickr Toys, including the motivational poster. They are pretty neat.

We put some up on a display at school. (And once the magenta toner cartridge arrives, we'll do them in colour!) Picture.

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