September 12, 2006

SecondLife on BBC - it must be official

My colleague Jim Buchan wakes up earlier than me and spotted SecondLife getting the mass media treatment on BBC Breakfast. It was a really good report which showed some of the cool stuff we're able to do in SecondLife while also pointing out the real money people are making (and spending) in this virtual world. The reporter also made mention of the security breach of this weekend which has made me temporarily remove my account; I'll start afresh later and get rid of the strange parting Will noticed when we were in there together the last time.

I really like the fact that you can mock up products in there in true CAD style but then actually sell them for real, without having to get out any wood glue or sanders. But I also like the ability to stream podcasts and store documents in text, audio or video format in virtual CPD rooms, à la EdTechTalk.

On Friday's strategy meeting on the future of East Lothian's Excel project we made a proposal involving SecondLife for some of our learners who have trouble being in school - or getting there. What we intend to do, with any luck, is get the learners who will benefit from this to help build it with each other. There are still some details to sort out, but I hope that Katie and Sean will be able to fill us in at TeachMeet06 in just over a week's time.


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I had a great meeting this afternoon with Carolyn Davis, who runs our Dialogue Youth Project in East Lothian. Carolyn is going to come along tomorrow afternoon with a view to involving some "disengaged" young people in our extreme learning programme. She thinks this could really tap into their enthusiasms and needs.

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