September 20, 2006

Skype, blogs and wikis for Professional Development

Technical difficulties again at the Education Village in SETT, but the tech guys were great at getting the show on the road. I talked through how communities of practice can be created through adding your name and blog address to a wiki, like ScotEduBlogs produced on Wikispaces, and how important it is to share your thoughts with those who share your passions. We don't have to put up with those staffroom bores any more!

What I found strange was how some nut thought it would be fun to add a postscript to my talk, uninvited, through the hall mic, to, shall we say, dispute my framing of Skype as a free version of video conferencing? "And now time to let us do some real work", he said, about the next session which used video conferencing. Now, let's face it, how many teachers have video conferencing in their homes? None. How many could have Skype? All of them.

Is there a worry that Skype will usurp Video Conferencing? I just see them as two tools for two situations or jobs. Let's leave our inferiority complexes at the door.

Thanks most go to Promethian and LTS for funding the wireless access codes that allow me to blog from SETT


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Thanks for that session, Ewan. Good to see you again and be re-enthused. Thanks too for the tip about 30 mins free wifi!!

Feeling re-enthused after a great day at SETT too! Thought you might be interested in reading blog posts from a delegation of educationalists from around the world who are attending a study tour developed around the Scottish Learning Festival.

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