October 26, 2006

edu.blogs.com in the UK Top 100 Blogs

OK, just in there at 96, according to ProBlogger's Top 100 roundup of blogs in the UK according to Technorati. But I'm happy with that. I don't know why I'm happy with that but it is an affirmation that I must be doing something right after a couple of unconstructive uninformative bashings last week (he doesn't deserve the link). This got me thinking how many of the links that help boost rankings have come from those unhappy with what I've said before. I think there might be a few in there but most of these conversations have been incredibly constructive. Thanks for the links, thanks for the conversations. (It's great to see Scottish Blog Meetup man Gordon in at 81, and Scot Euan Semple in at 89. The number one spot is also to one of my favourite Scots, Hugh McLeod. The Gapingvoid cartoonist, blogger, wine and suit marketer/wearer/drinker (not in that order) was brought up and educated at the Edinburgh Academy, just round the corner from the flat, before picking up his US accent. Nice one!


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Now - back to the homework .... ;-)

Gratz, so what is your target for the end of the year then?

Nice one Ewan! Quite an achievement. Top 50 this time next year, or maybe top 10?

Nice one Ewan!

Nice one Ewan!!

Build it and they will come

Congrats, your blog is so much more interesting than the London Underground one!! :)

Congratulations Ewan,
The fact that education can get in the top 100 gives hope.
Keep it up.

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