October 09, 2006

Internet Explorer is going to be pushed into your computer - with RSS, whether you like it or not

RSS will come to all of us tomorrow or within the next month, as Internet Explorer looks set to come with an integrated RSS reader. (OK - it's not that good a reader, but it might be a worthwhile start to this way of working for the masses). This is not just the notification of a 'feed' from a website, in the same way Firefox does at the moment. This is a real, mass market attempt to get the world reading feeds. All this is down to my interpretation of the Internet Explorer 7 notes, but I think I've interpreted things correctly.

The biggest problem people have had with blogs, for example, is that most of the ones they find have been the result of a Google search, the perusal of some lonely heart type daily journal and the out and out refusnick attitude that blogs are useless. At least having an integrated reader to the world's most popular browser might make them start believing this really can be mainstream.

Is anyone picking up on the kind of conversations Ewan has had today? ;-)


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I've been using IE7 since it was made available as a beta. It does do some things I hate (eg, you can't open a collection of links in tabs as you can in Flock or Firefox) BUT I have to be honest and say that overall I do like it.

I really like the integration with LiveWriter and the Onfolio is a really good RSS reader/management system albeit with a few idiosynchracies... then again, I should probably RTFM!

You should certainly give it a go on your Macbook Pro when you have XP on it.

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