October 03, 2006

Read what I read - Ewan's Feeds

I was Skyping with Andrew Pass today about what blogs we read and it got me thinking that there must be a lot of people out there with interesting reading habits. Being the kind of free and easy guy I am I thought I would give a gift to all the 'power readers' out there and hand over my current OPML files. These are data files you can import to your Bloglines account and then receive all the same articles I do. I've grouped them so that you can get into the stuff you're most interested in.

It's a bit of a gamble, of course, when your business is in having know-how - and a large part of my know-how comes from the folk in these OPML files, of course. But the best part of my job is sharing what I find and this is a very efficient way to do that. Let me know if this is helpful. If so, I'll make a point of adding them to the sidebar and updating as often as I can.

Download design_marketing_and_business.opml

Download education_blogs.opml

Download mac_and_tech_blogs.opml


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Hi Ewan,
It would be nice if there was an easy way to add to and merge opml files. A scotedublogs opml file that was updated would be useful.

It would also be useful to work out how to put an imported file into it's own folder when it sinks into ur bloglines. 125 feeds on ur edublogs.opml file!!! Phew - i wanted to extend my reading but now have some sifting & sorting to do 1st. Thnx for sharing - where do u find time?? I am beginning to think that bloggers never sleep... I could spend all day reading & writing blogs but if i did that i would have nothing to write about :-)

Hi Rachel,

I find that I get through these just fine. First there's a few who don't update very regularly. Then I use NetNewsWire, which allows me to keep the feeds offline - so I can read them on the trian to work. Finally, I always do something with the post when I first read it:

*ignore it (bin it)
*share it as an online bookmark so that I can find it again when it may be useful
*blog it when I feel that there's something deeper in there.

I try to NEVER flag a story and keep it offline on my hard drive. That's when the gremlins come out to eat away my time ;-)

I recently blogged about how addicted I have become to checking my aggregator - so thanks for sharing even more sources Ewan! ;-) Seriously though, it is great to see what people are reading, and even better to share. It's also good to hear how you manage this on a practical level.

I'm with John on his comment - my only concern would be a) the size of the list, b) who decides what's good? Some in my bloglines post so infrequently most people would ditch them, yet I gain a great deal from when they do post.

Can we convince more people to share their reading lists? I've found this really useful Ewan - thanks! :-)

Ewan, Thanks for your openness and generosity. I've taken a slightly different tack however. I already subscribe to too many feeds, so I've used bloglines to subscribe to your del.icio.us tags (and those of a few other bloggers that I follow closely). That way, I'm getting links to articles that you've already filtered. I can then decide later to subscribe to one of the blogs I found via your tags.

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