October 31, 2006

The future's gotta be mobile

Only three days since getting that, a month ago since there and now reading this I think LT Scotland, East Lothian or Ewan and his mates need to start creating learning content for the mobile phone. We don't want them for their voice, we want them for their computing power. Anyone want to start a startup with me? (I'm serious, btw - let me know before LeWeb3).

Update: And why PDAs might be levelled by SmartPhones from Stephanie Rieger.


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Ewan, I am becoming more interested in this the more I read and research this area. I have all the children bringing in their phones next week to discuss the power of them above the verbal communication. So if you want help please let me know.

It would be *really* interesting to record that conversation you have with the kids. Do you think you can do it? If not, to have things scribed so that the points don't get lost would be great.

Alright a podcast is on the offer since that is what we love doing.

Hi Ewan, after I saw that, I started thinking about this stuff. (I've been testing our blogs for posting via email, now i just need a phone that can email) I've not yet had the chance to see one, but they seem pretty exciting. Perhaps we don't need learning content as good tools for them to allow learners to blog, podcast, communicate etc. A PDA that a child could create slide show or movie add an audio track and upload to a blog does not seem that far away. Maybe one of the online video editing tools could be used or a combo of online/offline tools giving children transparent publishing.
If LT Scotland need a class to test any of these toys/tools....:-)

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