November 10, 2006

Blogging with some great teachers

Just showing how quick and easy it is to post to a website/blog - it helps if you once worked as a copy taker in the Evening News, though, to get your typing skills up to speed.


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Hi Ewan. Hope the session is going well. Say hi to Craig for me :)

Thanks for your response to my feeble first attempt at blogging.

I hope to go on to bigger things now.


HI Euan

Annabel BAtes told me about you.We do have a school blog.

I am running a course for teachers in Shetland and want to build a network of support.A blog is too public.I sthere any way to set up a secure forum??

Hi Ewan

Thanks for the session last week. It really did inspire me. Stebblog is now up and running and the pupils seem to be be engaging with the concept. We've had a few teething troubles but are working together to sort them out. I still have some way to go but hope to get there with everyones help. If you get achance to have a squint at Stebblog I'd be grateful for any advice you have. I am very new to the whole idea of blogging and am sure that things could be done more efficiently. I noticed today that we have made it to the exc-el homepage so you can find us there. Thanks again

In reference to Kate's securing of fora. Blogs can be as private as you want - with Word Press you can even make individual posts password protected. So, I would go with blogs since they tend to encourage more discussion than forums and password protect what you want. WordPress, Typepad and many other blog engines allow you to create public or private blogs, with, as I saw, WP allowing private posts within public blogs.

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