November 21, 2006

Blogs add the value to Maths

On a Maths roll at the moment, it is heartening to see that at least one person from last week's Blogs in Ed training in East Lothian has gone on to do something really worthwhile with his blog (others are about to follow with some great ideas around Additional Support Needs and Maths Recovery communication between teachers).

Craig Stebbing has launched Stebblog (what a name to market a blog) on the new Exc-el WPMU Blog Network. When I first started working with East Lothian on this project in August my only piece of advice was: get WPMU - make it easy for people to do what they want to do without the Cooncil getting involved. The result is this kind of formative assessment, kids helping kids, teachers helping kids both in school and out of school - judging by the laid-back language and attitudes I think we have seen a flattening of education here. This post alone makes me feel that in factual subjects such as maths, where thinking things through is so important, blogs offer something that couldn't have been done as efficiently for so many people beforehand.

Blogs add the value.


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It's fabulous how it's taken off isn't it? The laid-back warmth of the communication on show is, of course, a reflection of the great atmosphere in Craig's class. When I left school today he had a room full of students in doing extra preparation for the prelims too.

For a pupil studying for exams at home I am sure that this would be very beneficial and comforting. To be able to communicate with other pupils and even the teacher must be a valuable experience.

Thanks for your kind words Ewan. I hope we're heading in the right direction with Stebblog. Early indications show promise, with more and more of my students getting involved each day. My wife is teaching similar classes to myself in another school, and I would hope to encourage a wider audience in the future. Other teachers from other schools have already involved themselves with Stebblog. Fingers crossed. I'd also like to thank Robert Jones and David Gilmour for their help over the past few days. I must also confess that Robert has at least a 50% share in the name Stebblog. With only 6 days of discussion amongst pupils and myself on Stebblog, I feel we have made great progress and hopefully generated a useful tool for them all to develop many different skills. Thanks again.

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