November 07, 2006

Britain's northern most edublogger: Shetland gets connected!

Collision warning!
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It's the furthest away point in the British Isles and one of the most beautiful, too, apparently. But until this week Shetland, nestled between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea, had remained one of the few empty areas in the ScotEduBlogs wiki. I'm hoping that in the next few days the author of Northern Lessons gets on there and makes (her?) mark as the first Shetlander Edublogger! Let's face it, while in summer it's always daylight (even at 2am) the winter months lend themselves to blogging in a big way ;-) How good can this connected world get for flattening our geography?


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Thanks for the pointers! The Shetland Isles have now finally joined the ScotEdublogs wiki! I decided to add us to it during lunch break and showed some of our pupils how easy it was with the help of my trusty interactive whiteboard, they were very impressed. As part of the school's enterprise week next week we're 'launching' (their word) a French class blog and now the kids can't wait to start!

Great news! Blogs and wikis in one day...

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