November 09, 2006

Flash Earth - the best of both worlds

Flashearth Steve delicioused me a link to, which, for me, beats Google Earth and all the rest hands down - by incorporating every version of our satellite-mapped earth to suit our purposes best. Example: to get a good satellite image of EH6 (my postcode in Edinburgh) I need to use Yahoo maps (the one you get in Flickr) as Google Earth is just really poor. With FlashEarth you've got it in a click, along with another seven or eight satellite versions. Take a look at my screen grab. Just fantastic!


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It works quite well. I wonder if it is anymore bandwith intensive. I seems to work quicker than google maps.
My only issue is the lack of adding directions and calculating distances that google maps offers.
But for an atlas, it's pretty cool.

Looks great Ewan. Tried my location and worked really well and really fast. Great results for our rural area. Garden looks tidy - must have been taken a while ago! Thanks for the link.

Thanks - taken in May, I'd say, from the bush in our front garden!

It depends where you live! I get a much clearer view of my house - I can clearly see the cars parked outside! - on Virtual Earth. Google Earth and Flash Earth are great for some areas, but not Ayrshire!

It's a shame you've not left an email or web address because I would love to point out to you that Virtual Earth is available on FlashEarth - it brings them altogether. Another reason not to leave anonymous comments - we can't help each other out.

I didn't mean to leave it anonymously!! Sorry! I was keen to add my comment because I was disappointed with the view over sunny (-that day!) - Kilmarnock! I've tried it again and realise that I hadn't checked the right box. Why do I get circles appearing when I get in close up? I was trying to work out whose cars were about to know when the pictures were taken!

I'm so glad you came back and saw. it is a cool tool. Don't worry about the anonymous comment if it was just in error. A few of us were getting a lot of them for a while. ;-)

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