November 21, 2006

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What you see on the blog when you visit is only half the story. Every day I share the best cuttings I find from around the 1500 blogs I graze on, covering not just education but design, digital media, startups, great new tools and examples of some of the theory you hear people bandy on about. You can visit those links any time over on my social bookmarking site, or simply sign up for a free subscription to and get it all on tap, every day.

There are some advantages to having my blog content delivered to you, instead of you having to come to my site every day.

  • Time-saving - don't waste time coming here when there's no news.
  • Extra information - by subscribing you get my daily roundup of bookmarks; what have I been adding to my favourites in the last 24 hours?
  • Create your personal archive - like a post and want to keep it? By subscribing you can have a copy of my post on your hard disk in the click of a button.

How do I subscribe?

The easiest way to get every post is to receive a daily email by adding your email address here.

If you want to read several blogs (more than a dozen, perhaps), then invest some time in setting up a feedreader, following these instructions:

  1. Copy this link:
  2. Go to Google Reader (set up a free account if you need to)
  3. On the top left of the screen click "Add a subscription"
  4. Place the cursor in the white box and paste
  5. Click Add feed

It's worth adding your Google Reader page as a browser favourite or bookmark, or even making it your homepage. Every time you visit your Google Reader page you will see the latest posts and bookmarks from me.


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Netvibes offer a make-you-own subscribe button, too, that other edubloggers might want to try:

Not to mention the fact that you can chose between different rss readers. Perhaps Google Reader is the simples one (and simplicity is profound).

Only 1 guy uses netvibes to subscribe to my blog, weird indeed.

Shameless self publicity this may be, but for any of your more 'audio-visual' learners, I have a movie explaining how to do this very thing at

I got stuck at the first hurdle and the ones following!
"Right click this link and copy the shortcut (you can also right click the orange button, top right)"

What is the shortcut - the URL ?

Saw no orange button - on a Mac safari

2.Go to netvibes - fine

"3. Top left of screen, Add My Feed - click it"

No 'Add My Feed' to be seen

signed on - still no help

Completely bamboozled - gave up!

Anyone like to help?

gd at

Hope the updated post makes things clearer. Thanks for the reminder to get it changed :-)

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