November 03, 2006

Language Show 2006

I'm just waiting for yet another plane but wanted to say thanks to the good couple of hundred of you who came to sit in the aisles at Olympia this morning to hear about the kind of connected school I believe is not a thing of the future but a thing of here and now.

Loads of links to come over the weekend when I'm not on a titchy smartphone. In the meantime the MFLE will get you started:


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Hi Ewan - sorry the chat was a bit short the other night on Skype - I did watch David and your good self doing your two man show on video blog the other day ( as i said the Ant and Dec of web 2.0!!!!) - and have been catching up with some of the K12 skypecasts - am trying to catch Terry's this afternoon - speak soon Paul
by the way I am getting great feedback from the web 2.0 community now and don't feel quite so isloated here in Wales

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