November 04, 2006

Language Shows Hot Links

289491832_7052e34c34 I've spent the past three days between London, Edinburgh and Stirling at various language shows and conferences, sharing my ideas and examples from around Scotland with those who've not yet discovered some of the social media tools that can bring languages alive. This post will give some of the links mentioned as well as a screencast of a previous conference which covers some of the ground:


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You'll find an enthusiastic reaction to your Stirling gig here

I am a modern Languages teacher at Morgan Academy, Dundee.
So many great ideas , but so many of the sites offered are unavailable through Dundee City network : flickr, typepad, second life to name a few...
Thanks for all fresh ideas on your blog

Hi Erwan,
They are good ideas and they do improve attainment by improving the student experience. However, it's up to us all to push local authorities to see why these sites need unblocked. We've done it in East Lothian. Who's next?

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