November 20, 2006

Mobile Maths

Thumbnailquad2go I've been working on some solutions to get students and teachers able to create their own Java learning games on their mobile phones. At LTS I am looking into the possibilities of this, and of us creating some mobile content and of making some of our web services mobile, too, so you might be seeing a lot of this in my delicious bookmarks over the next few months (can't believe I've already researched three pages worth!)

This afternoon through Mobile Learning I've come across some maths-specific mobile resources which might help make interactive whiteboards even more interactive (well, actually, they would help make the whole class more interactive along with IWBs). I don't know if someone in our East Lothian maths blog community will be the first to try these out and feedback ('t would be nice) but if you do, please do get back to me so that we can see if this is the kind of tool that works well in the classroom.


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Hey Ewan! Those math-specific mobile resources are fantastic!! I've been writing a blog post about using cell phones and flickr in math class and then this comes along and blows the top off the notion of strongly tied curricular/pedagogical uses of cell phones in the classroom. Thanks so much for that link.

I can't believe I hadn't yet subscribed to your feed -- I assure you sir, that oversight has been rectified. ;-)

For what it's worth, this is my furl feed. ;-)

Cheers! And thanks for a fantastic post ... now I just have to get off my hands and make some links between my classes and some of the maths classes in your part of this little blue marble.

If we can have both a US and Scottish perspective (and others) on the use of these resources all the better! Thanks.

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