November 26, 2006

Sold! My first Live Web bucks

When Shel and Rick were over I introduced them to Kyle MacRae, founder and CEO of Scoopt! He offers a service whereby citizen journos (or those with a lucky break) can register into partnership with him, send any photos that might have an interest for the general public while he uses his journalist links to sell it to the highest bidder. He takes his cut, the photographer takes theirs.

Well, today, my meeting with him paid off. On the return from that meeting with Kyle I spotted David Cameron, the Tory leader, after having just been talking about his new vlog to Shel and Rick. One snap was with this homeless lad. Today, as election fever hots up, my snap has been published on p16 of the Sunday Times as part of a "Changing Faces of Tory Boy" story. And the pic, in the middle, really fits the story.

Thanks, Kyle!



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You could try for a TV news story next...

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