November 02, 2006

Thursday? It must be London

Yesterday David and I thrashed through a lot of the detail for the relaunch of East Lothian's online service, from new name to, well, what on earth wasw going to mark it out from other Local Authority work.

Today couldn't be more different. I'm up early and off to London to speak at The Language Show in Olympia. It's a great event and a tricky one to present to since the audience is teachers, parents and learners of all ages. I'm hoping they won't be disappointed with my Live Web contributions.

I'm also fitting in a visit to The Guardian to see my newly promoted brother. Kudos to him for becoming Head of Editorial Development. You want to see how to get social media to work? talk to big bro ;-) He's over at

Now only if I could get this Vario to allow me to hyperlink...


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I take it you posted this from some airport then?
Have a good day .....

sure did. great for getting things done, as long as you're not in a train tunnel!

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