November 07, 2006

Weblogs in Ed training session

If you know of anyone who would enjoy learning about how blogs can be exploited in their classroom please let them know that there is a session at Prestonpans Education Centre this Friday, the 10th, at 1.30pm. It'll be a chance to explore possibilities and possibly make a start on a blogging project. They can sign up in advance using the usual CPD routes or come along.


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Alas, Ewan, Blogging is no longer possible in Argyll & Bute. I'm surprised I can comment on yours - typepad not censored yet it seems.

As of this morning access is denied to Blogger in relation to creating blogs and we are no longer allowed to leave comments on those blogs we can access.

You can be sure this decision was not made by someone in education!

Educational innovation! I can't wait for HMIe to come back.I'll tell them exactly what I think!

We're sitting in a sauna in Prestonpans Education Centre - they do take care of us here. No cold water yet, but maybe the maids or waiters will appear soon.

Devastated for you in A&B. Come and work for us, instead!

Do we know *why* the benighted A&B C has taken this step?

Hi Ewan

Just a quick reminder about a question I have relating to multiple users having authoring rights on a blog.


Barry Smith

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