November 12, 2006

Young People Don't Like Us. Who Can Blame Them?

The journalist is talking about journalists and journalism but he could so easily be talking about teachers and education. Via Jim.


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Funny, I had exactly the same thought when I read John Naughton's piece today. OK, he's talking about 21 year-olds... but today's school students are - for their age - even more advanced Digital Natives. It's a must-read.

EXtract: "These kids have been socially conditioned in a universe that runs parallel to the one inhabited by most folks in the media business. They've been playing computer games of mind-blowing complexity forever. They're resourceful, knowledgeable and natural users of computer and communications technology. They're Digital Natives - accustomed to creating content of their own - and publishing it. (Remember the motto of YouTube: 'Broadcast yourself!')"

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