December 04, 2006

Blastfeed filters your filter - cope with all that RSS

Blastfeed Robert was wishing he had something which would intelligently work out what material in his RSS reader he would most like to read next. I left one of those annoying messages that says "I know something that can do that" and never left a link. Tsk, tsk.

Blastfeed uses keywords in the feeds you read most to automatically sift your feeds into something more apt for your interests. Once you've got as many feeds and as limited time as I seem to have ended up with, this is an invaluable little tool. Pressing control-K doesn't seem so painful any more. It's in private beta at the moment but there are plenty of free invites floating around in the Googlesphere.

In the meantime you might also want to try Threz, which helps to organise and prioritise feeds in a way you tell it to.

Thanks to Steve for sharing.


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Bonjour Ewan,

Feel free to try andd test Blastfeed if you think it can be of any help for you. Since you mention there are many invites out there, no need for me to send you one. However if you do need one, I'll be happy to cater. Maybe we'll get to meet at le Web3 next week. Look us up if interested.

By the way we have a little script where Blastfeed displays items about leWeb3 conference we find in all participants' blogs (yours included). If you want to use it, copy and paste the following instruction in the web page where you want to locate it:

<script language="JavaScript" src=" "></script>

You may have a look on our blog ( how it is displayed (top left).

J'espère que Blastfeed pourra vous aider.


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