December 19, 2006

Blogs are a waste of time - no-one blogging by 2010?

There have been numerous news and blog reports on the research which lets us know that we are all wasting our time - blogging is dead, much like blog conferences and the guys who run the blog companies already appear to be ;-)

Balderdash and piffle.

The Gartner research is absolutely right that the number of blogs will level off and those being written on a regular basis will actually fall. To assume otherwise assumes that everyone has something worthwhile to say and, if you've ever been to a typical board meeting, you'll know that is not true ;-)

But that doesn't mean much. Just last week Hans Rosling was telling us that the world's population will be leveling off at around 9-10 billion by 2050, but something tells me that we won't all stop reproducing because, according to research, no-one else is.

Also, the influence of blogs and their importance to the public is only growing, with no signs of plateauing any time soon. Steve Rubel's post has some interesting stats and analysis on this, but more hard copy has been produced in the past month by IPSOS.

Fewer people might be writing blogs, but it seems more of us will be reading them and less aware of a distinction between blogs and websites the way we used to make them back in 2006 - can you imagine not being able to write on that organisation's homepage?!

Update: Really on a downturn or do European organisations just not understand the web?


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Glad to see you have a nicely Victorian vocabulary in the midst of all this technobabble.

I can't help thinking that it is not blogs which are important but that people share their ideas. I am convinced that electronic communication will continue and evolve even if blogs don't

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