December 20, 2006

Forget your charger? No more hassle in China

 The Chinese government is to make an incredibly sensible decision this week to standardise mobile phone adapters. The advantage is twofold - waste is reduced (think about how many phones and adapters you've chucked in the past ten years) and those more forgetful travellers will never be stuck with only two day's charge after forgetting their own adapter.

I can imagine hotel rooms with built-in mobile adapters and adapter cables plumbed in next to seats in the train.

If only Ryan had had one in Cellular.


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About time too! How about a single adaptor for all the gadgets? When space is at a premium (e.g. when going across Europe on a motorbike ...) having to carry umpteen adaptors for different things is a real pain in the xxxx ;-)

I just got an 02 xda mini s and was overjoyed to find that the power socket is the USB port. Laptop AND phone power chargers in my one-man-social-media-empire bag?? Not any more!

I just saw in our local paper (Phoenix, AZ) that a company here has developed a charging pad for almost all electronic devices.

It seems interesting and I hope a large number of companies start manufacturing with this already built in to their devices.

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