December 04, 2006

How many countries do you know?

Superb flash animation game which tests your knowledge of where the world's countries lie. Possible interactive whiteboard fun to be had here by geography, modern studies and language teachers. I got 62, better than Tom ;-)


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Perhaps, I missed the interactive nature of this map. It doesn't tell me the name of the countries I click on when I get it wrong. So how am I to improve my knowledge of the countries of the world using this flash applet? This reminds me of the pub quiz machines that never tell you the answer if you get it wrong.

Unfortunately the word "games" (in the url) results in this resource being filered out for school use. I was looking forward to the challenge and will try it at home.

Thanks Ewan, I'm always on the lookout for great starter activities. My current favourites are;

weboggle -
Broken Calculator -
Countdown -

68 on my first go. Map is a bit small to reallt id some of the countries.

Fantastic resource. Thanks.

It was blocked in school for me as well, but hopefully I can get it unblocked on Monday. I think I may be up all night looking for some of the former Soviet countries...

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