December 04, 2006

LeWeb3 - coming up next week on

Conferenceleweb3paris_2 I am grateful for being sent back to LeWeb3 to pick up on some of the things that will have a knock-on effect on the edublogosphere, particularly the Scottish end of it. Since last year's LesBlogs2.0 there has been rocketing buzz around social media use in Scottish schools from outside the edublog bubble. I hope to be able to provide some updates to my colleagues and friends in Paris on where we are at now and get some idea of where we might be headed next.

All of my reportage, tuppences and, of course, your comments, will start getting posted from next Monday, 9am.

So, what's in store on in this speed-typed techno-socio-fest? Here are just some of my potential highlights:

  • Hans Rosling, The Real World And Why It Matters:
    I was completely bowled over by his TED Talk and his company's software for analysing the world today, and it looks like we're in for more, but different. It's just cool to know that you're going to hear clever people talking about clever stuff in a clever way.

  • Niklas Zennström: A Conversation on The Future Of The Internet:
    Niklas is the founder of Skype and Kazaa. I met him briefly last year and was impressed by his under sell, over deliver. This promises to be one of the more realistic models of where we might be headed.

  • Dave Sifry: The State of the Blogosphere; and
    Jeff Clavier, Ouriel Ohayon et al: Will there be a Web 2.0 bubble?;
    Alexis Helcmanocki: IPSOS survey

    The three of these sessions together will give a good indication of the bubbleness of this. It could go either way. If they all concentrate, like last year, on talking about Return On Income, I'm going to walk out. If they talk about "eyeballs" I will be on the backchannel - I am not a pair of eyeballs! If they talk about the attention economy and why time and depth spent on websites matter, then I might just blog it ;-) The IPSOS survey is well worth a read.

  • Ross Mayfield: Enterprise 2.0
    The founder of SocialText's ideas just interest me because I've seriously considered his blog platform as the easiest to integrate to Glow as it integrates with Sharepoint, Glow's backbone. Enterprise 2.0 interests me since a large part of my job at the moment is helping organisations communicate better within themselves.

  • Tariq Krim: Succeeding in going global from Europe
    The founder of Netvibes should know a thing or two about that. His product interests me and the East Lothian team as a way of getting people to aggregate easily. Pierre Chappaz, Netvibes' co-CEO, also speaks on the "New Dawn of Media" on Tuesday.

  • Stephanie Booth & Scott Rafer: Have communities replaced the Media?
    The founders of CoComment and MyBlogLog respectively have had their products adopted and loved by the edublogging community, probably because our communities are more important to us than the media.

  • Felix Miller: Is Radio Dead?
    Maybe the founder of LastFM will know - should be of interest to David amongst others with a penchant for podcasting.

  • Anil de Melo, Gabriel McIntyre: How TV might die through content
    There was a lot of fascinating news on TV-web integration at MediaTech2.006 and the theme continues for most of Tuesday morning. I just hope that Anil tells the public this time how much money his company makes - he somehow missed out the $180,000 per month when he was looking for investors last week. Great product - take a look. My money's on vlogging taking a more prominent role than textual blogging in the next 18 months, especially with the likes of SandaigTV coming over the horizon.

  • Danah Boyd: Young Generations 2.0 - Web and mobile communities
    Say no more - for the past three months at Learning and Teaching Scotland I have been looking at how we can engage with mobile community-building. This is the icing on the cake for me.

  • Glen Fisher: Linden Lab SecondLife; and
    Kevin Slavin
    Virtual games in the real world (e.g. area/code):
    When will our virtual life be better than our real life?

    Big questions and interesting ones for those considering online learning and online play as part of the recipe.


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This looks like a fantastic conference. Looking forward to hearing all about it here!

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