December 07, 2006

Made a meeting with me in the past 3 weeks? Try again...

Due to an unfortunate accident between a colleague, a floor and my MacBook Pro I have been unable to sync my hard disk calendar with my online, definitive calendar. So, if you made an appointment to see me between November 17 and today, please ping me with a reminder. (The MacBook Pro appears to be deceased - thanks to LTS for bailing me out with Teri's old PowerBook until the Pro is resurrected).

With my second dead computer in eight months - the first time was a dead logic board - I have learned to back up relatively often, although I still find that no back up is ever going to be efficient enough. It's taken two hours to get back to relative normal on this borrowed machine.

But the one thing for which I am so thankful is having my life nearly entirely online - most of my calendar, photos, thoughts and most important presentation files are on Exchange servers, Flickr, this blog or GoogleVideo. So the next time someone criticises the youth of today for living their lives online, just remember this, my sorry tale ;-)


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Ooops! - I can't tell you how sorry I am.

Er, hi, I'm not sure this is the right site. Somebody told me to come here to find out about protective cases for my new Mac? =)

Commiserations - looks like a family jinx, I'd say. (Our printer is no longer speaking to the Macs, and my Skype connection is still dead)

I also recently lost everything when my laptop died and was most upset about losing my daughter's graduation photos(which I hadn't backed up!)-until I remembered they were all on her her bebo site! Think I need to set up a Flickr account!

It seems to be happening to all of us! I still haven't worked out all the stuff I have lost. Someone else asks me something and I realise I used to have the information on my hard drive.

Backing up can be such a pain, particularly if you work mobile a lot!

After hearing this I'm off to make a back up DVD.

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