December 30, 2006

January: My favourite moments from 2006 on

Feel free to go back and read these, leave some comments months on or simply just let me indulge myself as I reflect on a year gone by. Why this self-reflection and navel-gazing? Blame John.

8th: Mega long post on why we really must give the Identity 2.0s of our kids a place in their learning and why we need to get more social in learning, too.
11th: I lose it with people who say they "don't have time" to learn something new.
13th: Wes, Darren, Miguel and I do our first Over the Pond and Through the Fiber podcast. We wondered whether Web 2.0 was overblown and quickly came to conclusion it wasn't. Wow. What a prediction ;-)
152572921_cdbafa2797_m 17th: The University of Strathclyde through David Muir bite the bullet and teach Web 2.0 technologies to their postgraduate trainee teachers. I was grateful to be invited along for a talk and see several student bloggers join the ranks.
28th: I kicked off the ScotEduBlogs wiki to try to keep tracks on the (relatively few) blogs that were creeping up here and there. Over the next year the number of blogs listed would grow from around half a dozen to nearly 300 (including the East Lothian ones not yet listed) and from three Local Authorities to all 32 (and Shropshire ;-)


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Well if this is the worst I get blamed for I am more than happy;-)
What a wonderful year it has been for the Scot Edu Blog community! The theme for the next teachmeet might be celebration, the first was meeting, the second about expanding possibilities the next should include some recording of how far we have come. This in no little part driven by your blog. You have done a fine job of herding cats:-)

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