December 31, 2006

September: My favourite moments from 2006 on

TeachMeet, SETT and LOTS of presentations and workshops. That was pretty much September. Oh, and my first time in a nightclub in seven years.

1st: John Johnston and David Noble quietly launch a superb podcast directory for educators.
2nd: I put my own proposal forward along with loads of other educators around the world for the K12 Conference.
12th: Shel Israel and Rick Segal say that they would love to find out more about Scottish social media and how it's springing from education for the Global Neighbourhoods book. We welcome them with open arms a month later and Scotland gets into the book's first draft.
13th: Two posts from the first meeting of the East Lothian Extreme Learning team. It's gonna be big.
249026333_b781f45171_m 14th: I manage to corrupt Robert into seeing the light, that blogging and maths could go together. Within three months mathematics teachers are around the most innovative of all blogging teachers with their students.
21st-22nd: A fast and furious SETT sees edublogging reach a new profile in the conference centre and the nightclubs of Glasgow. Dave Weinberger, Edward de Bono and numerous blogging seminars make an impact on the SETT front, but TeachMeet steals the show. See who was there.
28th: East Lothian started to glower, or glow, or something...
30th: I want to see more low-scale, low-cost, high-risk innovation instead og lumbering national initiatives, large financing and low risks. I'm still waiting to see it.


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In fact, Scotland was one of my favorite parts of what has been my favorite all-time year. You will be one of several people discussed in the final Global Neighborhoods when it comes out.

Hve yourself a very happy New Year, Ewan. And may it bring you many joy-filled moments.

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