January 26, 2007

A better way to email huge files

Senduit I've been working on material for the new LTS Podcast today, creating some great connections with subject specialists and interesting folk in education. I'm still hungry for more people who would like to contribute to the weekly show so do get in touch. But the main problem for folk is 'getting' me their audio. Most do not know how to share large files and don't want to have to register yet again for a new service.

Cue Senduit. This online service allows you to upload large files (up to 100MB) and spits out a private web address which you can then email your contact. Best of all, the link as a 'best before' date: 30 minutes right up to one week long. After that time the link is dead, the file deleted, your content transferred by then to its rightful owner.

Best of all: no registration required!

[Thanks Russell]

Update: Uncle Bill has recommended Mediafire for its file management capabilities. It also looks like there's no limit on time that files can be uploaded.


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Wow - this is even easier than Yousendit. Thanks

Very helpful Ewan. I can think of a few people, including myself, who will get a lot of use out of this. In fact, I'll just e-mail the link to my daughter!

In the past I used Yousendit, but senduit easier to handle.

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