January 23, 2007

CBBC SecondLife for weans

Weans are 'wee ones' or children, and the BBC is going to launch a SecondLife type thing for them so that they can navigate through the superb kids' content on the CBBC site. Why am I chuffed about this? Because it was the very thing that Stephen Heppell and I were suggesting, with our edu-consultancy hats on, that they might do way back in a Learning brainstorm in May last year.

The other main thrust of our eight-hour sesh was that they might also consider launching a MySpace type personal publishing platform for mobile pics and vids. After grumbles about the BBC's position and moderation, that, too, seems to be an idea that might be in the offing, using the service which does it well already: YouTube.

The BBC, for me, continues to be one of the most innovative mainstream media groups in the world, despite the criticism to the contrary, and still makes that license fee worth paying.

As Hannibal would say: "I love it when a plan comes together".


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Sounds really interesting Ewan. I'm being asked quite a lot about Second Life as it stands as a tool for learning in schools. However, I am not convinced that it is in an appropriate format that would allow us to use it within the school contexts at present. This BBC 'thingy' sounds interesting...any more info about it?

There's not more info about the BBC thing at the moment which is leading to it getting some flack elsewhere on the blogosphere. No surprises there. I'm worried that it will be a 'fake' environment which actually allows the user to do very little other than have a different means of navigating a website.

As for SL, my criticisms of it in the past have been loud and clear! Still to be convinced there...

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