January 01, 2007

December: My favourite moments from 2006 on edu.blogs.com

The last month of the year was filled with controversy in Paris, multiple dead laptops littered in my wake and we make the first concrete steps to 'legitimising' social media as an inherent part of learning.

3rd: John and I reveal LTS's plans for EduPedia, the Scottish Education wikipedia and I wonder if I'm doing my job right.
4th: The Self-Publishing Guidelines I first wrote up for LTS two months previously are now up for a touch of communal editing for use in East Lothian. Now the big question - do they really need rubber-stamped to be valid?
12th-13th: I go to LeWeb3 having hoped to write tonnes, only to find yet another laptop woe and lack of viable wifi. The political input turns out to be interesting if a little unexpected at the time, with impressive input from Shimon Peres and Francois Bayrou. Sarkozy left me feeling less than cosy. Hans Rosling got me really excited about modernisation not globalisation and Dave Weinberger reminds us that bloggers are not introverted, even when they right self-referential navel-gazing posts like these end of year ones ;-)
14th: Scotedublogs needs an inter-facelift, but do we need two of them?
19th: We learn that blogs might be dead but their influence is not.
25th: You learn what you'll be hearing about for the foreseeable future on this blog.
29th: I end the year asking if we need edu-friendly tools or whether we should be making school resemble real life a little more. I end up getting told off. The answer to the question gets lost, but I think the main idea was...


Every book I read at the moment says compromise is a bad thing. The playoff between the two might be my theme for 2007.

Happy New Year!


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Just took a minute away from baking/burning the O'Neill Ne'erday steak pie to read the final part of your 'favourite moments'. Thanks for this guided tour of your year -feel like I understand a bit more about Scottish education blogging. Very useful.
Have a great new Year!

I've enjoyed seeing your blog and your offspring's: good writing is in the family! The yearly rundown is slightly selfish but it's the only time in the year I do it. Glad it's maybe useful for others, too :-)

Thanks for your kind comments:)
Actually the rundown provided a lot of reference points for me, and several moments of 'Ah, so that's what that debate is about...' So, as far as I'm concerned, your instincts were good in providing this overview of the context.
Must go and read what you are saying above about blogging and writing. Been thinking about that a lot recently.

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