January 19, 2007

East Lothian bloggers in the TES Scotland

  Brian Cunningham 
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East Lothian's Exc-el/eduBuzz neighbourhood of bloggers has raised the profile not only of the Local Authority and its activities, but also of the different varied professions working within this small area.

Brian Cunningham features on page six of today's TESS (no online version of the article), talking about his experiences as one of Scotland's few (only?) Science Technician bloggers.

I know from reading the comments on Brian's blog that he has become something of a phenomenon in the Science Technician world for bringing issues which are normally forgotten or brushed aside by teachers and management right to the fore. The men and women in white coats are, in my experience, often those who sort out the impending catastrophe of an experiment which is missing an ingredient, a bottle of coke with no mentos, or a concoction that will stink out the entire school.

But in the case of Brian and his colleagues, there are ideas and opinions in this profession from which we can all learn, all the more so since they blog publicly about their concerns on safety, the curriculum and technology.

Brian's also an incredibly active Glow mentor, soon to be helping colleagues understand how they can use the national intranet effectively in their classrooms. He's also not bad on a Commodore 64...


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