January 23, 2007

EduBlogOffices - where do you edublog?

  Office Pano 
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It's lunchtime, I'm not hungry and a tad bored with some work I've been doing. So, after CogDog was kind enough to show me his office, creating a great deal of office envy chez McIntosh, I thought it would be fun to see where you edublog.

First, become a member of the edublogoffice group, then take a picture, add your name and blog address to the title and upload it to Flickr. Then send it to the edublogoffice group.

Given that we live on every continent, in all kinds of environments and amongst so many different fashions, I think it might be quite interesting. I'm having a clean before I upload my pics (the clean is of the office, not me). See if you can beat me to it.


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Ooh! There is no way I am going to let any of you see my home office, complete with the clothes horse, a pile of ironing and more other junk than any normal person would confess to owning!

You might want to submit your photos here as well:


There's more to life than cleaning... Maybe I'll do a before & after photo. I usually have a big clear up each time I get to the end of chunk of work or send a report off. As I've been depositing the insides of my untidy mind on my blog, don't see why you shouldn't see my (very) untidy office as well!

Hi Ewan,
Beat you to it, but I didn't tidy up;-)
do you not have one of those beautiful rooms at LTS in Glasgow, my mouth was watering when I saw them.

A room that is a shrine to Scientist, VW Beetles and Glow! If I could, I would!!!

Hah, thanks for taking it up a notch! Of course, I could not resist joining the pool. I submitted mine.

Done it! I've spent this morning finding out about Flickr, starting with my office. Not sure that I count as an Edublogger, though.

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