January 19, 2007

Filmstreet: get youngsters making brill films

Filmstreet Thanks to Keith for highlighting the excellent Filmstreet, a website developed with Children's BBC and the British Film Institute to show learners of, I guess, 8-13 years old how to produce good looking video or film.

The site, or 'The Street' covers Animation, Camera and Lighting, Costume, Sound and Video Editing using some interactive Flash activities. They're all really brief and to the point, with 'guides' helping the kids navigate around and learn the trade.

There's advice, too, for teachers on leading film-making tasks and schools are encouraged to share their schemes of work, lessons and finished films with the site to help others learn the processes involved. Best of all, each element of the site, despite being made in Flash, has its own web address (one for editing, one for sound etc) which means that advisors and trainers can make up their own specific training materials around the site.


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Thanks for posting this. I've stuck a link onto our school blog. We've got a few children interested in making stop animation films who will really enjoy this.

Thanks for this link Ewan, I am dabbling in digital video and knew of Film Street, the link to Keith's site is excellent and I have mentioned it on my latest post.

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