January 30, 2007

Hugh Macleod up for a pint in Edinburgh this Friday

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Update on Saturday morning: It was cool. It's now Saturday morning. I had a 6am wakeup call. I have to travel on public transport to Glasgow. Grrrr.....

As part of his Tesco Travels Hugh Macleod of business card cartoon, English Cut suits and fantastic South African wine fame is visiting the Corstorphine Tescos this Friday to promote Stormhoek in time for Valentine's day. Having bought the groceries that afternoon he's keen to have a bite to eat and some 80 shilling somewhere in Edinburgh, from about 8pm.

If you're interested in coming along for a social media and love pint and have any ideas of where we might go (good value good food, wine, beer and wifi a preference) let me know by leaving a comment here. In return you will have Hugh's company of a night (priceless, I hear), maybe a personal cartoon on the back of your business card and he's let me know he'll be bringing some schwag.

Don't forget to check back at the blog on Thursday night to find out the wheres, whens, whos and hows.


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I have no suggestions (other than that you change your plans and come to my local, hundreds of miles south of you), but I am officially horribly jealous. As a South African I feel that I should somehow be included in this junket...pretty please?

Dump the kids and come up in the car. It'll be worth it!

Could I suggest the malt and hops down by the shore. Great beers but unaware if they do food at night. A lot of "pubs" wont do food that late on a Friday night but there are a few options down by the shore.

i actually know the malt & hops.... right by the traffic lights, across the street from the clock tower...

Yeah that the one. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and its like stepping into another universe. Real fire in the winter, lots of real ales, pleasant bar staff. A change from a lot of places down Leith that I have frequented.
Will hopefully see you there.

I'll be thinking of you from sunny California! (8 hours behind ....)

Ewan as a fellow Flickr user I thought you might be interested in this:


My blogpost about this:


And (potentially more disturbing) :


Which gave rise to this


I couldn't think of how else to alert you to this story that's had me gripped all night long.


update- friday morning:

greetings from inverness. see you tonight in edinburgh, hopefully.

my cell number's on my blog, if you need to reach me....

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