January 25, 2007

Hugh's Stormhoeking in Edinburgh and Inverness!

  TeachMeet06 & Stormhoek 
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I don't quite know how he's going to manage it but I have every faith that Scottish edubloggers will come out in force on February 2nd (provided it's after school) to meet Hugh Macleod as he signs new lithographs and helps sell tonnes of finest quality South African Stormhoek wine. He's going to be at Tesco stores in Inverness and Corstorphine, Edinburgh (the big one next to PCWorld).

Stormhoek were kind enough to sponsor TeachMeet06 last September, which led to a further burgeoning of the community and a nice warm feeling for those of us already playing the game.

Since then I've actually had trouble finding the wine so I look forward to having a sampler sip and buying a bottle or two on February 2nd. He's also going to be elsewhere in the UK in the runup to Valentine's Day. He might even be looking for a date judging be the cartoon on the post.


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