January 01, 2007

Socialtext Unplugged - the wiki you can use offline

  Ross Mayfield, Socialtext 
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Ross Mayfield used LeWeb3 to launch the coolest idea, just as I was wondering why anyone would want to pay Socialtext to run their wikis for them (only 2000 clients do) when so many free hosts of wikis - webpages anyone can change - are out there. Wikispaces, for example, was my instant choice for for being free and ad-free.
The reason people pay Ross, though, is access to innovation. The latest innovation from Ross and his team is Socialtext Unplugged, a wiki which you can edit online, of course, with all the wonderful structures and support that Socialtext can offer, but you can also edit it offline, too.

This is such a great advantage for those of us who travel a lot or have such dodgy internet connections in school that using a wiki is really not a viable option.

Add on top of that the fact that Socialtext wikis are being integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint (under the Socialpoint banner) and we've got a great online/offline element to add to Glow.

Nice one, Ross!


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